What is the definition of a workplace? Especially what kind of look and feel should it have? Normally most people think of a table, a chair – preferably one that applies to ergonomic standards. A computer and other equipment and stationary.

But what if you feel extremely tired or you suffer from headaches a lot? Than sitting at a desk is cumbersome. A year ago I tried to sit behind a desk and I couldn’t sit more than an hour. However by accident I discovered when I lied down on my back and supported my legs with pillows; I could work a few hours. Even though my average speed was slow.

And thus my mind shifted. Work and office are no longer attached to certain standards. Equipment is more important for me. When I need to focus I either go to my office-bedroom 🙂 or put on a headset.

So when this morning started with sickness I managed to translate a video and build on my working style. Basically I set the rules and everything is custom organized. Maybe artists work like that too. Anyway it’s real rewarding. Each day I pick a project to work on. Again custom sized so I know I can finish it.

One advantage worth mentioning is that my children now can see that I am engaged too. Therefore they become more eager to work on their own projects and sometimes we share strategies. Learning by example or monkey see; monkey do.

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