Second sleep and no nightmare. I wish I never woke up and hold that moment. It’s very rare that all my kids show up in my dream. But even when this stormy chill went through my life I protected the essence of being me.

All the way down from the sweet almost naive middle class life to the dungeons of the street, where life seems vibrant and one can be raw meat for others. And here I was the gentle breeze, the dawn that brings life before the sun burn.

And yes radiant is what I am – the one who brings light – it is in my name. No other one suits me best and again in this dream I brought light. Slowly turning the light bulbs on; so they could enlighten the matter. Albeit the normal stuff that surrounds us, or the grey dark matter. It does both because light isn’t just an invention disguised in a bulb; it is also the quantum package of energy.

Gentle scales have no boundaries. They tend to adjust with vagueness; as perpetual changes. Love has the same light bringing scalable force. It gently washes the soul, purifies it and replaces bad memories with clouds of thin vague awareness.

That’s what happened when I saw your face and I wondered if I could read your soul in your eyes…..

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