My mind is smart today. This might seem a little odd thing to say, but cleaning is a difficult job. One needs focus, strategy and a balanced mind to do it. Anyway this morning I was simply able to do just that in minutes. Organizing what has to be done; however most of the time I’m not able to do it and therefore my house ends up as a chaotic place. And I walk around as a chicken without ahead desperate to make something out of it.

Now try to explain this to someone. Our worlds consist a lot of how it should be and how we are. At the moment if you are in a chaotic state your world fluctuates because of this constant imbalance in senses; you get a whole new challenge. Things are just not easy and the question is how we let people participate with this variety of ineffective behavior. And I think nature already solved it because it is extremely flexible and adaptive system. So yes I’m still looking at natural organic systems for this and how they do it.

In this light addiction is a very rigid system and also very ineffective as means of life. It has an huge impact on decision making and on senses too. So I asked myself why am I not capable of addiction? Why is my system different? And than it strikes me that I have two thresholds that prevent me to get addictions; one is being bored. I hate doing repetitive things whatever it is and secondly my metabolism hates repetitive food, nutrients whatever I take in. So eggs, bread, chicken, sucker or name it I can eat it a lot until my stomach complaints or my systems jams and than I know I had too much of something and I need to switch in order to get the system back to functioning normal. And this has been who I am since early youth.

Thus it strikes me I have no understanding whatsoever of addictions. I get along fine with theory but I know I would never experience it myself. What is this longing that makes you lie or do whatever to fulfill a need to such an extend it destroys you. And I believe that an addiction is precisely that. So are animals and plant capable of addiction? Let find that out on Google. And C U on my next rambling. Have a nice weekend!

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