My one hour of freedom; feeling the morning clock at eight in my body. Muscles that remembered how to run, dance and walk. So I got out of bed old fashion style; black cap with training pants. My old hyper ventilation running shirt; way too small. Arms that almost yet did not explode. Anyway a big shirt to cover the butt; I was all geared up with Ipod and messenger bag.

Crossing the cycle roads to what now felt like Timboektoe in the polder. I was heading for the northern water, Noorderplassen. The legs and feet did well. Sometimes swinging, sometimes stretching. Until half way the carbohydrate-lipo switch. The wall hit me with dizziness and nausea and a little headache.

It was all worth it. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I still did not figured out why my body react so vicious on any form of exercise. But arriving home was quite odd. My legs burned red like hell; a glowing itchy skin as if I had a sunburn. Even cooling off with cold water did not help. All the blood was in my thighs.

Finally I did some meditation to get the bloodpressure down. I succeed to get it down 20 something points. But the day went short on the couch watching screaming Spongebob. Lol these animations are quite cool….. Anyway the migraine sneaky got worse so I took a painkiller to find a little relief. With two sweaters and a blanket Sunday was heaven and hell at the same time.

I did it at a minor price. Blood pressure is still high and I have no appetite. Coming from an low blood pressure life; I still don’t like it going up. It doesn’t feel like me. And even though I got a ten seconds old me back……

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