May I annoy you and tell you I hate this shit. From one moment to another I get tired. Half dead on the couch. Arms and legs too tired to hold the iPad….

And half the day was great. My daughter had paid good attention to the physician. Now she is giving me massages! Once a week all my painful body parts. She made me happy. 8 consults is not enough for chronic pains. She is good and only 16….I am the luckiest mother; because my children care about me.

As she is out to night; the others came back from the movies, it’s my time to sleep. We just managed to have a student like house style. But it keeps us all connected, motivated and with enough room to make something of this little family. Where my place became to be the one of a young mind in an old body.

Well she’s gone and my motherly duties are in suspend mode. My bed is my boat and it lovely floats on the waves of dreams.

So good night to you! This Thyca Warrior salutes you. The Sleeper; the one who’s destined to be to sleep half of the rest of her life.

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