To keep myself busy I f*cked up my mail this weekend. So it turned out I had to install everything again. Placed back a backup.

But I finally got to work on my combucha project. It’s fun but does take a lot of work. And a challenge of its own. Unlike kefir it will not be ready for another week for the first taste.

Every stage of dieting is harsh now. Most of the time I feel very ill. My system just doesn’t like to live on little food. The journey is Spartan. My hands already show a change and I’m thrilled with that. The good thing though is the fact that I figured out how to do it.

The combucha is another weapon in my battle with weight problems. I reckon that drinking yourself healthy is the best way to do it. Increased nutritious liquids wash away the bad waste of fat and toxins. And the scales only once a month. So be patient because I have to be that too. But for now……combuchaja and have a nice weekend.

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