Chocolate yoghurt cake and one day without flour, bread and other carbohydrates. The past month were not very interesting in progress. So I didn’t write.

A quick update: Youtube is my second home for knowledge. So I found Dr. Eric Berg. And he explains the four body types in connection to losing weight.
Dr. Berg on Youtube

Much of what he says corresponded to my own findings without proper explanation. The numerous hints I provided to physicians who did not want to hear the real clues to health. My health! But now I got the right info I can work with. The coming month will be one big experiment.

And my juices are not for the faint hearted. In the most bitter episode of my life, I now depend on bitter foods. ‘God makes strange jokes!’.
As diy-er I made Tzatziki shake, kale-onion-beet, bitter chocolate cake and combucha. All dark green, red substances. In order to reset all vital organs. No sugar, all fermented and raw foods. At least 6 meals a day. And the irony here is dr. Berg=’mountain’. He literarily provides a solution to climbing this huge mountain obstacle.

To be continued…