Colors before my minds eye. I’ve never seen them. But I feel weird all night and it isn’t over yet. The daylight lamp shines in my room. Seeing that light through my blindfolded eyes tickles my brain enough to keep them from going sideways.

But now the colors are back. I’ve already seen perfect blue and green. stripes or whirling stripes. Anyway what I wanted to share is that at the precise moment when I shook and grasped my breath; that at that precise moment it turned black before my minds eye. A few nanoseconds later I see a perfect mathematical grid. Changing into lines and point as if you watched a Mandelbrot in a kaleidoscope. As if I could see every yellow light photon coming in. Now I know that it sounds odd, but that is what I see and what happens.

My blood pressure is not extreme, but my heartbeat still is. For the last few hours I’m in a state of alertness. And my brains haven’t reached the deep and sound, relaxing state of sleep.

Yes this chick is full automatic Thyrax driven and she got her own psychedelic drive-in show with it. 😉