So I’ve been away for a few days. Dry flu and muscle pain remind me very much of the word chronic. The contrast with yesterday’s visit to an institution for addiction issues could not been bigger. At this moment they don’t have programs for addictive stubborness. The fact that one tries over and over again. Life is much a game even if we don’t hold the best cards.

My addiction to pancakes is over. Since 2005/2006 it was my main food. A fuel that took me to marathon hights. It’s odd that I now eat mainly like cave-people. Nuts, seeds, vegetables and a little proteins. I’ve had a lot of diets and even healthy lifestyle is sometimes regarded as an addiction. But I prefer to call it a natural lifestyle. Simply because I don’t believe a trillian years of finetuning can be improved by a few years of technology or science. Even though I love both for their progress they have brought. But the body is a delicate piece of artwork with still many secrets.

Anyway the best test of life is it’s addiction to life itself. It makes you curious to find the best possible paths. It took me to various topics from history, anthropology to physics. These topics I wouldn’t probably have addressed if my life hadn’t been turned upside down.

Now that I relax on the couch I realise that the more I feel good about it the more the average perception of work needs to change. And that is all made possible by one of the most common addictions: the ongoing search for competiton and knowledge.