Some people are high sensitive. That is a fact of the last decade at least. An acknowledge fact. But what does it mean for a person? You could say that this person has a better receiver when it comes to signals, tokens and behavior in general. It is also likely that such a person needs to withdraw himself from time to time to have a brake. Maybe more than others.

Glass is fragile and expensive fine equipment have something in common. They are handled with care. We ship a billion boxes a year and put stickers on them. Handle with care is so widely used, we probably don’t think about it any more. And equipment is calibrated. A highly delicate process to fine tune and therefore generate very reliable outcomes. Once again no one ever questions the handle with care principle.

But when it comes to people, we expect magic. We tell high sensitive persons to toughen up and be less sensitive. Like they have senses with adjustable buttons and other tuning capabilities. Ofcourse people can learn and adjust, but we won’t tell bad eyes to see sharp either.

So why is it often so hard to deal with high sensitive persons? That normal behavior exists less and less is one side effect of the increase of our knowledge about the world. And this knowledge behaves a lot like clouds. Thicker at some point and thin at others, but still blurr vision.

The good thing about the cloudiness of knowledge about behavior is that the positive sides of high sensitivity are revalued. That for different situations, different people are needed. That life has depended on these variations for ages and it would be certainly arrogant to assume it is of less value because someone isn’t capable to see the full potential of high sensitivity. Or any kind of personality asset.

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