It sounds like a prehistoric animal. But the blue and white pills are life bringing pills. They regulate what I call the Thyrax engine. Speed, acceleration, heartbeat, digestion, temperature and all other process I can think of.

The Thyrax philosophy is one of a predator’s alertness. Between sleep and being awake is a great gap. A slightly overdose causes permanent headaches and Adhd blues. Limbs that wants to move all the time. The energy is not distributed wisely and the surplus tend to overflow in the brain. The best antidote to that is writing. The brains consume 20% of the energy.

So the Thyrax rules a big part of my life and it is worth to mention it from time to time. However it can not prevent the dizzyness. It can not prevent the buckets of hormones pored over my head when switching between the different states of the neuro-endocrine-imunological states of the body.

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