The big crash of Friday is over. A burning skin and a few faints later I get to enjoy the balcony view.

Young urban couples with two kids and fancy black buggies. From the way they behave both have their own income. Most of the time you can tell much about people when you look at their body language; their cloths and the way they speak. It’s family time. Dads with toddlers in the bike seat. Dog with wind in their fur sit in little buckets. They sit as if dogs were born with sophisticated houses. Their domestication made them urban dogs and they play their role as full family member with style.

The air is spring fresh with dusty tones of sunrays. I am allowed to be lazy. Soaring muscles tell me I can’t train them today. Oxygen is lacking and sleep must do it’s work. The clouds cover the grey blue sky, and the leafes whisper the change of weather.

All is quiet and peaceful celebraiting the last Sunday of April.

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