I haven’t been around much lately. The topics on Twitter can sharp your mind; that is when it would be cool to use your mind. And it’s not – because intellectual conversations are the minority.

A research about women behavior with social media shows disappointingly that women do not engage much in the topics that are considered intellectual as a mass. Do they need more training?

So on the other hand one needs physical exercise to keep this mind working pretty well. Exceptions allowed; Stephen Hawkings has no physical exercise and still got a mind blowing intellect. But than he is clearly focused. Getting such an intellect is time consuming. Most people wouldn’t even start because they are too much focused on the end of the marathon. The trick is however to focus on the steps nearby. Just walk into the direction and you will reach the destination.

That’s the only way to tackle the kind of processes like when your life is turned upside down. You have to face the world with a new challenge every single day. Until the time you only got a glimpse left of what hit you in the past.

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