So I biked today. Now that I’m home on my bed I get the chance to think. Think about what I did and how insignificant lives may seem. I call that the ‘ant life’; there are so many ants. But they have a function too. They are everywhere on the planet.

Once you join the disabled people force your function changes in life. Like a Hindu man said on the tv ‘disabled people are a chance for someone else to get good karma’. I think this is a good example where the function of house pets meets people. You can not have people as house pets; but you can care about others and get joy from that.

But unlike pets; humans have a voice who may be sharp, unwilling, hard and painful at times. And that voice means they are still alive and kick buts. They need that so others won’t forget about them.

So if you are looking for a job which gives good karma; don’t miss a chance of including someone with a stain of disability. A society needs that because science will treat more people and therefore the amount of disabled people (dispeeps) will absolutely grow.

Think about it……

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