When companies do extremely well in the stockmarket; they are called out performers. That is as little as I know about the term. How to use that information to my advantage I haven’t figured out yet.

Yesterday I outperformed. The mind signaled a chance to run. It needed to get rid of the poisoning waste that built up in the body. So more than hyper I got on my bike and my round legs did a marathon of 1.5 miles.

Today I boldly biked to the Turkish little grocery store and got some bread for breakfast. Needless to tell you that my punishment came later. Twice this weekend.

Well it goes much like this. Your body feels like a ten ton heavy battle ship plowing through the water. Your throat seems to implode with every breath as you try to figure out how you need to breath right. The muscles suffer from dementia and wander of in any direction; except the one that was taught by birth. Eyelids become so heavy it seems that the yarns are pulled downwards by the puppet man.

To be short there’s no resistance possible. Could not even tap on the floor to get saved. I just knocked out and under performed this day. I got simply beat up by a ferocious sleep animal. It swallowed my mind and I fell in a coma. My body shaking and blood pressure down; heartbeat up. No blood though. Only messed up hair.

And than I remembered Tantalus. It took me hours to recover and the day was lost on the couch. It’s my second home; my office and my closest friend. Never mess with my couch. We are alike. We just wait until someone sits down and realizes that life is just tapping you while enjoying your warm reliability that you are always there.

A living icon; a living beacon of hospitality. That’s what I became.

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