It’s morning and the crows make noise high up in the trees or on the buildings. Their sound is one thing I love when waking up. So familiar when hiking, running in the early mornings.

And running is just what I did in my dream. In a last attempt to outrun I think a policeman or a parking dude. Just for the fun; they where a little behind me. Every runner knows this feeling; when someone is catching up on you. You run just harder; that’s the game.

Anyway the path is brown and a little up hill with lots of green grass. And the wind blows freedom. I realize I can’t run anymore, but in a last squeezing effort I decide to run with my friend.

A crippling run is what follows. My dreams have catched up with reality and no longer show the me I was 40 years long. From a dancing girl via more ballet till a fitness long distance runner. I barely make it higher up.

And than I see this kid on the ground sick. Everybody passed him except for one friend. He is cooling down and I hear myself say with a decisive voice: “get up; don’t stay there; you will die here!”. He than resists when I pull his arm and try to persuade him to get up.

In the back of my mind lingers the 100 occasions that I was sick or fainted. He is smaller than my son is now. But I managed to get him up and in my arms. Like every lovable parent knows how to carry something of great worth: your child. And here I carry someone else’s child while whispering in his ear I will call his mother; so she can pick him up.

All the little energy that I’ve got is put into the rescue of this frozen child. In my dreams I’ve flown and rescued many children. But I have never had to worry about my health. I was strong and healthy.

Now my dreams seem to have left me behind. I’m no longer flying and soaring above the river and waterfalls; seeing the big stones and the rocky water beneath me….

Crippled dreams
When thy wake me
Thy pulled me
Gently back to reality

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