It’s early morning and I am awake about an hour I guess. At least it was totally dark like my mind.

Awakening is becoming aware of your body. And to me it means feeling the sour stomach twist. A dawn of consciousness; there no returning back to the night or even a distraction in the form of a dream.

This film ‘Dawn of Consciousness’ is played every morning in my personal cinema. And while I listen to the traffic and the birds calling the morning welcome ritual; I feel the deceiving attracting of a energetic mind. As long as I’m in bed it seems to be okay.

But when the morning starts the fuel is burned quickly and leaves me with a yakkytakky motor. And it sucks….. On the good days I prepare myself by reading topics and concentrating on my research theme.

So yesterday was quite such a day. The morning cleaning of the house cost me a day (my bad night too) and I dropped dead on the couch. I believe that my couch and me are in a symbiotic relationship. Sometimes it feels as if I grew a new limb.

Anyway I survived a new morning and writing my blog gives me some positive feelings. Just enough to get through the awakenings. No walking this morning because I need to save energy so I can be on my annual check up next Tuesday.

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