The night is cool and without flies. We have a new family quality game; ‘Kill the flies.’ So our room is bug free now.

Although one can sleep downstairs in the house I sleep on this stretcher. I got two positions; half on my belly and on my left side. Well that’s not very comfortable I can tell you. Stiff hips and pelvis pain. Fore ever young is not a reality I can write on my check balance. Sweet illusions.

Anyway my left handed single thumb blog writing has improved. The same as my health if you leave out the morning sickness. I don’t know if yesterday was an off day because I had ran up the hill. Just a hundred meter. Fact is it took me my first painkiller to feel better.

Ildiko had made this delicious ‘tok’ soup (tuk). And the more I’m here in this country with it’s imperfection, the more I realize that more rules are not the answer to a sustainable and living planet. The side effects of commercial behavior may not be overlooked. Our capitalistic system might be better, but is certainly not the best system. Stress and psych problems are one down side.

There’s no Regio Runner here. The beautiful insect like train. But than I feel free here. We got our own space, not a police car on every corner. You depend on your neighbors and they depend on you. In Holland we want more police and fight crime. I guess we pay our illusions with anxiety disorders. We’re not used to a lot of things anymore. One thing I do know, you don’t need a food bank. A garden and a few chickens are enough. The only shopping we do is luxury goods. But in the sun I hardly need anything. Much of what we use is an illusion of needs we tell ourselves.

Besides the wounds of my soul I feel truly happy here. And I know that if I could speak the language better; I could just pay a visit to someone I hardly know. A genuine friendliness is still preserved here. No kids with aggressive and offensive behavior. Why should they. Work and a lot of space will make them spend a lot of energy. And there will always be a dog or other animal to play with.

No a lot of our problems are because we love perfection too much at the cost of our own freedom. Besides a basic income with no work restrictions; I believe it will be the best system of both worlds and truly spread social justice in a better way.

I’m the only black person in the village and I never felt discriminated. The Roma however do suffer from it. But than I tend to see them as the last European nomads. And maybe we should preserve that tradition with a system that is more flexible. We could never imagine the Masai in an office building or in a villa. They don’t need that. What the Roma need is a kind of form that works in a western world. We have national parks, we have reservations, why don’t we have Roma spaces. Or say nomad campings for people who like to live the travel life!

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