My blog is called the big sleep and takes you with me on a journey of chronic fatigue syndrome. From the hours on the couch to the fact that I hardly sleep at all. Thyraxosaurus Insomniae is on the lose.

In this fiftyfifty state I still keep my energy spilling levels as low as possible. And it pays of I sleep little although I’m not that free to do anything I want. It’s much like being a tortoise.

It also a genuine journey of the hart, the mind and soul. The pains are real and not many realize how vital organ the thyroid gland is. From psychological influence to metabolism it all comes together in this disease, treatment and recovery.

All this is an awakening of the mind, what life is really about. Not only that it is also the mark of staying awake for a long time. That might be a good thing; because recovery now it seems takes me about ten years. The fiftyfifty state is not enough because the brain and thus my inner feeling can’t make something useful from that. We all know we can’t determine when the frog fish becomes a frog and that is what I try to explain to you. As soon as I know I became a frog I know I’m there where I want to be. Until that time I’ll just pulse around in the middle of this process of awakening.

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