What you learn from this experience is that a hospital is a huge building. As from now I’m converted to a hospital nomad or as you want a camping guest. My bag with all my belongings go every where I go and that isn’t much. I do not live here and thus my territory has not been marked. I stay in the examination room where I can blog and twitter.

Reading Life of Pi; he is right. Wild animals find their first place to shelter and conquer the world from that spot. It’s all about invading territories. And I claimed mine for the time being. Knowing that hardly anyone will invade my space. Solitude freedom I guess.

I received apologies for the dinner I didn’t get. It strikes me again that in a civilized, organized structure one loses the survival skills. I didn’t go for a hunt to score some food. Why should I, I don’t die from not having one meal. A calculating habit I guess. But also the fact that one subordinates easily to a system. It protects but at the same time makes you less free; and all this on a voluntary basis.

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