This day was different than I expected; but that something was coming my way I was right. And thus I reacted instinctly with aversion the hidden alarm bell in my system. Generating the right energy is key and can you help getting the right mindset. I do this by focus on things I regard as key character interest traits.
It helped a little.

Than everybody is different; but very view people seem to understand that communication is a lot more than words alone. Years ago I could read the energy of mail and sometimes of occurrences that were about to happen. Like the warm air that lingers around bridges I felt good and bad energies (to keep it simple) lingering around in the air.

All the hardship let it fade away to the background and now I even don’t know if I ever get these special gifts back. Many times I asked others how I could close this sensitivity. Nobody knew. But the cancer treatment and recovery showed me how eventually. The more I rationalized and the more I went back in my mind the less energy I could read. Everything was chaos and complex energy fields.

Now the control of me comes slowly back I also feel I’m able to use my energy senses even more. Today I got a lot of different energies from people I hadn’t met before and it left me exhausted. Tuning a new person is tiring.

Anyway the evening ended at home in a puber quarrel about using your own energy to accomplish something. In this case cooking their own dinner. Well the house was filled with bad energy. I talked to the kids and than let them soak in their behavior. But my body learned me to leave their self created problem their responsibility. Good social behavior is not automatic copied. Sometimes it must be respectfully claimed or enforced. About energy and leadership.

Well its late and my back, face and head tell me I should rest to avoid more pain. They have spent all their energy from today.

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