My first visit back to the gym. I started a new approach. Sauna and water. No exercise but to purify the body and in that way get rid of toxins and the ballast of water.

The sauna itself was strange. I had to warm up without exercise and it took my body longer to sweat. At the end I spend 30 minutes in the heat with the last ten minutes on the top bench. With a half a liter of water I had enough to prevent a serious headache attack.

The visit did me well. I had a 5 minute walk and a warm atmosphere. Back home all went well until I decided to drink some herbal tea to clean. This resulted in a top down belly pain and dizziness. Cramps everywhere. So I’m back on the couch, but satisfied. The coming weeks I have time to do this strategy and see if my water balance will be affected by this passive metabolistic trick. Diuretic pills would be the last thing to turn to in my opinion. If this works it will be a step forward.

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