The first thing I do, when I step out of bed is…checking my kefir jars. And like a happy kid I watch these kefir grains grow while the heart jumps for joy.

Years ago I plastered my own walls and thinking about that accomplishment still makes me proud and my heart jump. My mind may be very ADHD, but my hands are slow crafting hands. A balance of life styles that gets the best out of healthy life styles, bi-polar minds and living in the now.

So kefir has also therapeutic values for the gut and therefore the gut-brain. As my intuition originates from the gut, I believe keeping it clean and probiotic well nourished is the answer.

Even though I eat very little; I keep my balance by only eating what my body tells me to eat. And it works perfectly now. The kefir provides me the sour taste I need in my drinks. At the same time I don’t need to grab for soda.

My skin shines now and I even can get vitamin B without eating a lot of bread. Flesh is also reduced to its minimum. I eat Mediterranean style now and I love it. The only challenge is; that my skin keeps looking healthy. Some vegetarians (something what I am not) look extremely unhealthy. I believe those people are eating in the wrong way. The result should be healthy and that is the only guide to how to eat.

So whenever my body tells me to eat something it tells me something about body balance. Meanwhile I chose the healthy variants and go with the flow. Sucker is finally of my table; I eat honey, nuts and yogurt products. Thinking about my food makes my heart jump. For the first time in my life I am thankful for being able to eat without getting sick all the time.

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