This morning is one of those exciting mornings. After a remarkable cinematographic dream I woke up and checked my cell phone. Still a little overwhelmed from my late night escape into data analysis; which fuels my appetite for chaos, patterns and statistical mind boggling. Anyway Dr Mercola’s newsletters are alway nice to read. So I came accross Astaxanthin a powerfull cartogenic substance. And from that I jumped to algae. Let’s not get too boring and just take a big leap.

Algae are made as good protein sources. But because I want the live and kicking thing I search for Krill oil and eventually ended up with ‘how to produce algae yourself’. It is a kind of late blossoming biology, but I believe it doesn’t make sense too overload teens with all kind of topics. It makes sense to provide small target information when you need it; available on free scale.

Anyway I see a new adventure. Biology and chemistry taught with cooking. I made a delicious cake yesterday; experimented with my Kefir grains and now a new perspective is luring at the horizon. The catch is we all can do much more with a curious mind. And because I see this simple but effective practice as a bigger picture; I’m absolutely sure that my Okidoki concept will see the lights of empowerment with others. Doing things is the most healing resource we actually have. But it is doing by nature. Calm assertive and in tuned to the moment itself.

Now I only need a green landscape to build this DIY integral center of selfhelp. Well I have to think really hard for a pitch. Something that says it all.

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