What is a health report when it starts sounding like a nasty bug? Nothing worth to repeat! And so I took a frustrating long holisleepy-day; that – in case you were following my ramblings – meant I suddenly disappeared offline.

Like vampires who hide from the light; some people just flip flop from the spotlight. And for me that means, sleep, sliding away.…a secret tuning spree for me alone with exercise, discipline, meds and food.

It worked hurray! And for those who are curious how you can recover a lot from thyroid cancer and the aftermath; stay tuned. I got a lot to tell. And mind you; I didn’t say I got completely healthy! Because I did not; there’s no holy grail!

Anyway I am glad to be back and for the fact I did not close this blog. It’s a humble account and journey from darkness to the sun. I’ve learned dancing in the rain.