Meds are like cocktails if shaken well together we feel happy….and thus I’m going to shake it up some. I’ve been a week without meds now and I feel better. Great is not the word because I had nausea, and very very painful muscles. A sign that the meds are accumulating and something is not processed or used properly within the body. So I cleaned my body (not totally done yet). It helped after three days, walking was much better and I could flex my legs a little. It’s quite silly that I lost all my progress in 1 day.

As 2013 arrived I decided to go on with the record taking. The quantified self (but much more about that later) is an interesting project. You can Google if you want and see what it is all about. It will be the seed that will make Healthcare eventually cheaper or more inline with the individual. The future is always in the past and revealed to us in the present. But it is never in the future!

But philosophy is for another blog. This is just the dirty raw reality of the aftermath of human intervention in health. And such it is a bit vital for diy historians, record keepers and quantifiers because we have to build many of the data sources ourselves.

Anyway (love that word) today is the first day of my new experiment; a new cocktail of meds. Only a few pills that make or brake this life. My Life! that is….Still valuable for me! (just in case a stray physician reads my ramblings). I haven’t decided yet what I am going to take, but my intuition is giving me signals. I do like the background processing skills of my brain. They are always right and I’m often wrong when I ignore them. So I go with the information my body tells me and since it has emerging properties I think my best bet is to go with the background processing of my thoughts.

To be continued….