Now I’m medicine high. An alertness that gives me trouble falling asleep. But seeing Borat late in the evening – something I wouldn’t normally do – left me with a lot of Borat dream humor.

Borat took me off guard and I attacked my fridge to see if anything tempting was there. And there it was ‘Ossenworst’ – genuine rinderflesh. Three tiny slices. My son had left them there for my temptation. The hunt had been a success……

Until now! In a split second Borat disappeared from my eyeballs. Rem or any other phase is gone. Even so much of the higher levels of my blood pressure wakes me up. I’m back at point zero. A weird slipping mind – the lord of dizzyness – wakes me up.

I spoiled my nightsleep! Only with slices of rinderflesh. At a moment I shared with Borat in my dreamzzzzz.

Well that has left me with only one option – to listen to the hypnotizing sound of early night traffic, party animals and hopefully back to sleep.