Meetings and public transportation have something in common. The quick transfer of virusses. If I have a virus now; I don’t know. The only fact is that I happened to be sitting next to someone who sneezed a lot.

So for me it’s time not to get a real cold but the psychedelic version. And that means headaches, dizzyness, shaking body, inbalance, sensitve eyes, arythmia, irregular bloodpressure and a total out of control of my senses.

Much is like I’m drunk and pregnant at the same time. Cfs is much more an auto immune dissease and I agree to that. Out of body contol is a freaky experience. Sunglasses protect my eyes from the light of the computerscreen. Without wearing them; the screen causes little brain collisions affecting not only the way I breath.

Lucky for me I can see a neurologist in two weeks. And that’s a good thing. I would appreciate it when someone took the effort to explain what’s going on in my body. Untill now it has been one big unpredictable psychedelic mistery act. And I do not need an illusionist for that.

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