The flu striked hard; not that I’m addicted to the phone. But the sound of my cough keeps me and the kids awake. So I relax by writing of my thoughtss.

Noww that we all are flu connected (people like to belong somewhere); BB-connected gives a whole new dimension to groupsactivity. Shared interests work much better than preaching. And identities become more diffuse.

Playing Farmville or Cafeworld has nothing to do with adult perception. So neighbors are of all ages. Like in real life. The chats are not intellectual, but improve social activation.

Was the Internet in early years the domain of fakers and haters. Now that one can make private (family) groups; the whole idea changed. Having a friend of someone you personally know gives a new dimension.

Further the closest you are at company level the more likely a personal identity gets. Most companies have strict policies when it comes to online activities.

The information highway is full of virtual-reality (think! 4 a moment).

Anyway it’s good to do this; even in the light of social improvements. How social cohesion is transformed is most likely not inserted in most researches. But when you are disabled in the frequency of catching up with friends visits; than going online is not an inferior way of contact. Who wants a hour drive to say just 3 words. Picking up the phone has already set the tendency for distant communication. Not to mention the telepathic capacities of some among us.

The cough is gone and I only want to wish you a good night sleep.

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