A few years back I wondered how do I really get on the same level of my 16 years old son. He seemed always ingaged in some technical stuff or messing up his computer.

I like technology too it’s always available and satisfies my curiosity. So I looked at him and dived in the world of smartphones. Make no mistake; I still got this antique model a Nokia something. I treasure this thing. It never failed, easy to use and you make a statement (I let you ponder about that for a while).

But he got himself the latest gadget; the newest Blackberry. Showed it off and left us all behind. He seemed to belong to an incrowd, a group with special kind of experience. Now I’m a solist (like my own ways) but family is all. So how about a little BB bounding. In this moment of an insight I got two BB’s one for me and my daughter.

Family 2.0 is coming up. The last days have been hilarious with of the record blabla and digital jokes. The technology haters do not undersstand one can do both at the same time. Suddenly it is cool to hang out with your mom. And I am officialy approved as a cool mom; raising my status a level higher. I even find my way among their friends. Parenting on Queensday late night (getting them back (girls) safely is much easier. I simply chat them through the decision.

Mother 2.0 – if you know how to do it. It’s easy. Go with the flow.

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