Fresh from a deep sleep and bewildered I am. Falling back to sleep has its disadvantages. The biggest is it triggers nightmares. And it is amazing how clear the mind preserves the truth. That is if you are good in analyzing them.

The essence however is there. People act the same as in reality and situations are similar. It is also amazing that some people never appear in my dream. They won’t show; however some do show up unexpected.

But back to this awareness makes me kind of sad. It is as if I lost the ability to oppress bad things. They are seeping out. And in this dream it started with an overflow of a toilet. Now one should suggest this was due to the overflow of the neighbor’s toilet; but it isn’t. A toilet represents disgust, dirt and filth coming from the unconscious mind.

I have learned to analyze my dreams as they represent deeper inner feelings and mix them with both real situations. One can not dream without experiences. So simple is it. And through dreaming the real secrets, pain, frustration, feelings comes to the conscious mind.

Therefore I believe nightmares have a cleaning function. They allow me to rethink, relive and to re-judge what has happened in the past. Things that where forgotten float to the surface.

Nightmares also reveal the inner truth of lies we tell ourselves. The lies we hope that save us from future harm. The lies we use in order to survive both mentally and physically. The lies we tell in order to move on with our life.

Nightmares are special dreams. Nobody wants them. Sometimes I experienced ‘death’ sleeps. I had many as a child. I choked in my sleep or I couldn’t get awake from those dreams. These dreams triggered my life long quest for brain research. And I developed two techniques. One is waking up by concentration during the nightmare and the other one is being and staying conscious during nightmares or dreams. I simply know that I am dreaming and when I don’t like them I wake myself up to end it.

The first time I used this technique was when I swallowed homeopathy pills, which reduced the symptoms of a cold. I took so many (I hated having cold all the time) to get an extra chance of losing the symptoms. Instead I fell in a kind of very deep coma like sleep. I could hear my mother say: “strange she is not waking up”. I’m a very light sleeper.

I remember being terrified. I could not answer or respond. My body felt paralyzed and I had to hope it would be over in the end. And it did. My nightmare was over and my cold was gone in a few hours. That experience shaped me. And you may wonder how I got rid of my cold. But that I’ll tell you – the disappearing cold – in another post.

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