Far away; I saw them get married. A strong dark leather wrinkled man and a bright smooth youthful girl. I saw the preparation with red oker; pondering parents on how to do best for their 16 year old.

Suddenly it crossed my mind. The man had waited so long to be able to get married. He was 50 something. That man already had proved to be a good husband to his first wife. And he one day in his drought will have the care of two strong young women. Daughter and wife both the same age.

She was young; she doesn’t write they all don’t. Instead they sing their social contract. How wonderful that is. And everybody sings beautiful. Her sisters, aunts, mother and surrogate mother all helped to raise her, to protect her and to provide for her.

Unlike us there’s no violation of a young girl. All is thought well. She in the embrace of her tribe is better of than a young girl in the city. Suffering from aids because of their sex work.

I saw them get married; I saw the men young and old sing on his behalf. Stating he was a good man, vowing for him.

All ranked up secure in place in a sustainable future. I realized that we have not only endangered species, but endangered culture as well as endangered indigious people. And the more I think the more I believe that a basic income will be the basis of a sound Africa. Just to preserve our world inheritance. But that’s for a later pondering of me to show you why.

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