Discovery investigates historical decapitated heads when I slowly come to life. Although I have been sleeping my ears have registered the bloody event told on television. The television has been my biggest companion in this change of life.

I may be in an awkward position on the couch; my legs twisted and hurting but non of this could make me change my mind and wake up. Sleepy with eyes covered to shut out the bright spring sunlight I juggle one of my legs besides the couch. I feel like a fossil attached to its surrounding slowly moving one of its tentacles around.

My head had warn me of the upcoming sleep. A strange kind of flu hit my head. As if my head muscles are inflamed; my neck, eyes or face. Even my skull; as the brains can’t feel anything it must be somewhere around it. But I do feel things I have never felt before they cut out my thyroid and I had to spend my life on Thyrax and Cytomel.

The light goes on and off
As daylight saving time
Harvesting new energy
So scarcely build within

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