Energy has its own way of hiding in the body. Most of the time in my calves and around the elbow’s. At night I move my arms and legs like restless tentacles until I am finally ready to go outside. An escape from immobility; a tantalizing braveness to ignore fatigue.

The hammer knocked me out at about three o’clock in the afternoon. Curled up under the fleece, the tv cheering on radio length on the couch. I eat, sleep and breath on it…..and maybe die on it as well.

The daunting truth on Google – innovative mobility scooters. I hate them; because I can’t picture myself sitting. I am a cyclist, a dancer and a long distance runner. But I did find one that had some smooth elegance; like female curves. The print is on my desk without the office chair. I don’t need any, it isn’t worthwhile. So I got rid of the chair.

I am a sleepwalker because both are indisputable together. Forever glued together.

Fatigue is me
Me is versatile
Versatile is rebellious
Rebellious is breath taking
Breath taking is fatigue
Fatigue is me


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