What do you do, when waking up in de morning? What is the first thing you normally do? For me this question is obvious. I check my smartphone duh! All my familly membrrs are either night owls or morning sleepers. So in order to not wake them up I write, blog and sometimes annoy the rest of the awoken world.

My virtual life needs as much backup as my real life (since I came down with CFS) of flesh and blood. Installing the Facebook for Blackberry update threw my phone and me in a tedious process of unrecognized device, spooky mailbox and uncaught exceptions. The latter often caused by my curious mind; by which I seem to push all my devices and software to their limits.

And guess what (now on my iPad = backup) I found this rather challenging and fun. Creating more artificial intelligence seems to spur my need to be even more brain comlex. To test whatever I can do. Downside is; I have to admit that; my virtual life depends more and more on backups. Even if we would have a solar storm all that could be blown away in an instance and this vulnerability is feld…..

Thus see my new journey or quest in life. Preserving oldfashion knowledge. Just to be able to survive in whatever situation may come. And this self doing, exploring kind of thing is incredible satisfying.

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