It’s in the middle of the night and I like to introduce to you Cyto. A Labrador Retriever. 8 weeks and my new challenge. 01:26 hours and he did a pee on yesterdays newspaper. This one of those cases you are ‘pregnant’ with a surprise and you find out about it all two days before due date. So the kids had taken me by surprise and blew his arrival date on Thursday with a lot of pre-chuckling fun.

Anyway in case of you wondering about his name; I named him after the medicine that provides me with an immediate T3 shot. Cytomel has been the part of the treatment that allows me to feel occasionally the old me and so I hope to provide me with new readily available renewable energy.

Cyto (pronounce ‘seeto’) has been bombarded as my personal trainer. Already he is bonding the family together. A great peace maker with a witty cunning attitude. So I bought him a clicker, what supposed to be the ultimate training equipment.

For me he is one missing link and he is already helping me to keep the stress levels down. After each small walk I have managed to lower these incredible tensions in my body. A better medicine is not available.